Training Beauceron

Beauceron dog can not be named for beginners or infirm people, but with a serious education he can become a reliable companion, while he has always retained the instinct of protection. Here you will learn about how the Beauceron are trained.

What you need to remember when starting a dog training?
1. The first lesson should be aimed at establishing rapport (contact) and a dog trainer.
2. Mastering techniques and exercises should be carried out from simple to complex. Must begin classes in areas with the least amount of extraneous stimuli.
3. It is necessary to follow a strict sequence in the development of skills.
4. Techniques need to develop a comprehensive, ie simultaneously and in parallel, several techniques, with the skills to be in various stages of formation.
5. It is better to start practicing new reception classes in the first half, but not at the beginning, when the dog is still insufficiently obedient, but not at the end when she is tired.
6. Engage need at different times in the morning and evening, be sure to feeding or 2-3 hours after. Do not repeat the same technique more than 3-4 times — it’s tiring dog.
7. Before you start the course, you must decide what the owner wants to achieve, and in what way will achieve this goal.