Curator Beauceron Kennel Countryfoek — Olga Shilova

Olga Shilov was born June 5, 1968. In 1991 she graduated from the Department of Genetics Faculty of Biology.
Curator Beauceron Kennel  Countryfoek - Olga Shilova

Postgraduate studies «genetics of animal behavior.» The thesis work was carried out in the laboratory of physiology and behavior genetics department of higher nervous activity and the Faculty of Biology at the Institute of Gene Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences. At the present time — of the Laboratory of Genetics of Conduct of the Institute of Developmental Biology. NKKol’tsova Russian Academy of Sciences. Member of the international scientific conference, the author 19 publications in various Russian and foreign scientific journals. Research interests — behavioral genetics of mammals, including dogs, Neurogenetics development, stem cell research. Author of more than 30 articles on canine topics published in various publications such as the journal «Friend,» «Dog and I» and others. Full member of the World Association of journalists writing about dogs (WDPA). Fond cynology since early childhood. Since 1994, professionally engaged in training dogs. Expert RKF working qualities, instructor training, has extensive experience with both groups on the training field, and individually. Animal psychology. Head breeding CERD «Garda» RKF, executive secretary of the National Club of Breed «Belgian Shepherd» RKF. Professional handler with 9 years experience, a member of the World Championships and Europe, the largest exhibitions in many countries. Produced several world championship medalist and Europe, dozens of international champions, champions of hundreds of countries, Russia, National Club, Junior Champion, winners of Best in Show.

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