Health of Beauceron

School Friend. Necessary chores owner Beauceron

Health and Care
A Beauceron is usually in good health. They are unpretentious, good content is transferred in insulated enclosures in a climate of central Russia. With proper care of sick Beauceron rare. The coat of this breed is not very long and the neighborhood, but pets are living in cages all year round, in winter develops thick undercoat that can protect them from the weather.
Beauceron fairly undemanding to nutrition, but, like other large dogs should receive a balanced high-quality food in an appropriate amount. You can feed these shepherds and natural food, but many prefer to buy ready-made feed, dry and canned food. A quality dry food «Premium» and «Super Premium», designed for large breeds, fully satisfies the need for adult Beauceron nutrients. In cold weather, dogs that contain outdoor enclosure, the diet should be increased by 1.5-2 times.
When growing puppies Beauceron should remember that they, in addition to the basic diet designed for dogs of appropriate age and large size, it is imperative mineral supplements. Once the puppy teeth begin to change (namely, at the age of about three months or a little older) should be started to give him drugs containing calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D to ensure that the resulting calcium absorbed by the body. But you should not abuse the dressings as soon as all the puppy teeth were replaced (for 6-7 months), fertilizer, containing large amounts of calcium, should be abolished. In addition, the Beauceron puppy for proper formation of the musculoskeletal system, joints and ligaments need appropriate feeding, which are commonly used throughout the process of development of the growing organism.
Beauceron — typical shepherd, quite active and quite large. It is not so picky in terms of loads and training, such as working Malinois, but left completely unattended, and it can become a source of problems for its owner. Beauceron, like any other major mobile and dog need at least basic training on obedience and walks with physical activity. No matter what service deals with the dog, it is important that it has been the case, as this Shepherd — animal created for the service of man. Beauceron will gladly perform all that will offer him the owner, whether it is an elementary course OKD or, for example, such a complex specification as mondoring. Certainly, it is a companion for active people who have enough time to practice and walks with the pet. But he can be a great family dog, and to practice with it need not be a professional trainer.
With good care Beauceron many years (10-12 years of age and older) maintains the health and performance. Representatives of this breed are not peculiar to any specific hereditary diseases; they are not prone to hip dysplasia and elbow joints; they have less than that of other large dogs, sometimes gastric volvulus. Nevertheless Beauceron owner should know the signs of these diseases, and if in doubt show pet veterinarian. With regard to such a dangerous and worse the illness, as volvulus of the stomach, it is necessary to know that the risk group of many large breed dogs older than 5 years. If the dog suddenly became ill, she had severe pain in the abdomen, the urge to vomit, bloating, and a sharp deterioration in general condition, it should immediately be taken to the nearest veterinary clinic. Only the timely assistance of the surgeon can save the animal from extinction.
Care Beauceron is pretty simple. His coat requires regular combing only during molting. Pet must be time to cut the claws, not forgetting the dewclaws, as they are not worn down and claws must necessarily regularly artificially shortened.
If Beauceron cropped ears, they usually do not require special care. It should be noted that from generation to generation Beauceron ears cropped. Cropped ears open well-ventilated, and it did not develop pathogenic microflora. Now, after the ban on docking in many European countries and even in the homeland of these dogs, in France, in dogs with poluvisyachimi ears inside the ear may develop pathogens. Prevention and treatment of otitis better to entrust the veterinarian.

Acquisition and education Beauceron puppy
If you chose the Beauceron, serious approach to the selection of future pet. This is a fairly rare breed, and to get a good dog, better to turn into a serious nursery specializes in this breed. Sometimes the puppy to wait quite a long time. Wherever you purchased Beauceron: in Russia or abroad — preferably parents see the baby, to assess their character and appearance, and not just pedigree.
It is recommended to take a puppy of this breed at the age of about seven weeks — and immediately begin socialization and early training pet, which beneficially affect the behavior of the adult dog.
In most major clubs and nurseries produced testing behaviors pups using a series of special tests — on the basis of the assumptions made about the nature and future working as an adult dog. When buying a puppy is useful to see the results of these tests.
It is important that the kids were healthy and well-groomed look cheerful. Their appearance must conform to the breed standard. By two months of age Beauceron puppy should be fairly large, plump, with a shiny coat, clean ears and bright eyes. Paws should be thick with strong bones. For representatives of this breed is characterized by a scissor bite and the presence of double dewclaws on the hind legs. Shade darker markings desirable with a reddish tinge, but initially it can be a little lighter and more yellow, and possibly darken later. It is desirable that the puppy eyes Beauceron were as dark as possible colors. A marble dog eyes can be colored. Males have two fully palpable testicles.
Weight pup Beauceron aged 45 days, typically about 5 pounds. In prolific litter may be smaller. Although Beauceron can give birth and 13-15 pups should not be left for more than eight pups per litter, so as not to overload the bitch and give kids the opportunity to develop normally.
If you can not test the puppies, choose the most lively, funny, playful. Remember that the tests — a good tip, but no guarantee. Reaction puppy to determine a trend of character. Keep in mind that the dog’s behavior may change later depending on her lifestyle and upbringing.
To Beauceron grew up in the beautiful and obedient dog, it is necessary at the outset to give him a lot of time and effort. Only in this way you will be able to fully appreciate the intelligence, dedication and high intelligence representative of this breed.
The best option is the relationship with the dog — a union that is based on mutual respect and affection, but the dog gently, but make it clear that he was in league junior. This is not a manifestation of the owner’s despotism. The fact that there is a clear hierarchy — is the need of social animals, and the dog feels more comfortable when it is clear who is the boss. Experience shows that the dog is usually considered the master of the head of family. However, to be a «pack leader» in the understanding of the dog, the owner must behave as would behave dominant dog, t. E. To be calm, confident and controlled almost all kinds of contacts dog.

Maturing Beauceron
Beauceron — Dog late maturing. Maturity occurs typically after two years, and sometimes at a later age. Puberty occurs earlier than the dog stops the growth. «Intelligent» Beauceron matures later than most other breeds (dogs after three years, bitches slightly before), and it must be considered — not to give too strong stress on training, used as promotion game and delicacy, not forcing the dog unless absolutely necessary. Very rarely in his «flock» Beauceron, at a certain age, can show aggression, trying to take the place of «leader.» Such behavior may show only some males breeding lines. Trying to become a leader, dog owners can impose its will. Therefore, you should be prepared to ensure that the right moment with certainty give your pet to understand who is the chief of you, and who is the slave. The best way is the assertion of leadership training, as it contains a lot of methods of submission. Therefore, at a time when relations with the owners of the dog are added finally matured and she tries to test their strength, need to deal with it regularly, seeking from her unquestioning obedience.
Beauceron — a good friend, able to perform a variety of functions, including the function of the guard. This is a dog that is hard to tolerate change habitual way of life. With Beauceron can lead an active life. For the beloved master, he is ready to run on the edge of the world, always waiting for orders, but not too annoying him with their presence.
Olga Shilov, curator nursery Kantrifolk Journal «Friend» №3 (March 2009).