Beauceron: nutrition and care

From dog food depends on many things. There are several approaches to korileniyu dogs. Here we present the main methods of feeding and you will be able to choose their approach to weigh the pros and cons.

Care problems Beauceron, or rather their absence.
Beauceron — unpretentious dog that requires almost no maintenance, carding brush with scraper once a week (during molting a little more often) and bathing once or twice a year — that is all that is required. Watch out also for the state of the ears, mines and bifurcated spurs.

Food Beauceron.
We give a set of rules that will help you to organize your dog’s diet. Finished feed — provides health and nutrition appropriate breeds of animals. Because the dog accepts and loves habits from an early age it is necessary to feed one way. To food can not save. In the first two months of his life gets puppy food, broken first five, then four kormёzhki. Thus, he becomes accustomed to regular kormёzhkam. In the third and fourth month of life kormёzhki reduced to 2-3 per day. Starting in the fifth month, held a two-single feeding per day. Starting from the third week, the puppies can already get a small amount of solid food. First, it can be given as a liquid porridge, dilute broth. Increased demand for food has a place in the last month of pregnancy. Typically during this period increasing quantities of food must be up to 50%. Nursing dog requires four times more food than usual to give enough milk while maintaining their health. This period is particularly suited more concentrated finished feed. Kormёzhka adult dog is limited to one main meals and one small additional portion per day. Adult dogs is considered differently depending on the breed: small breeds stop growing at 9-12 months of age, large breed dogs can continue to grow until the age of two. Adult dog gets fed daily at the same time. The dog feels the time and insists on respect for customary routine, loudly reminding about yourself. The best time for the main kormёzhki is noon. This is not only practical in terms of farming, but also prevents a dog begging at the table, and it facilitates digestion. The amount of food depends on the size, breed, dog mobility and outdoor temperature: a dog that spends a lot of time out in the cold season, it takes more energy than in the summer. If the power is transferred to the dog food ready, then feed it to this should be taught gradually. It is best to do this, mixing in the new food to the usual diet; should not move abruptly from one feed to another, and gradually increase the content in the mixture of the new feed until he fully replace the old one. Food should not be too hot (with plate) or too cold (from the refrigerator). Feed intake depends on how the dog is hungry. otreblёnny food should not be left in the trough. It can sour, flies can lay their eggs on it, and the dog may be accustomed to bad habits (disordered eating). After kormёzhki needed rest. Should refrain from playing or walking. This is dictated by the laws of nature. It’s okay if one day a week the dog does not eat anything, it’s more natural. If the dog refuses to eat, then you can safely give it «to fast.» For a healthy dog ​​is not dangerous. If loss of appetite accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea, you should contact your veterinarian. However, there are dogs that can not get there even tidbits, if they do not want. Help here can only variety in the diet. Wide range of prepared feeds satisfy the tastes of any dog. Switching to a different kind of feed should be gradual. With this new type of feed should be mixed into ordinary food in small portions at first, gradually increasing them. The main health drinks and adult dog is fresh water. Milk yield lactating dogs and puppies. Vital needs of the dog in the liquid is covered by drinking water and moisture in the feed. This means that when feeding dry food need of drinking water is higher than when powered wet food. Water should always bear in sufficient quantities, with small dogs require relatively more liquid than larger. Like humans, dogs also need a balanced diet that contains all the important components, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the right proportion. You can, of course, to prepare food for dogs, but it is very difficult to observe the necessary proportions. Meat and viscera must be properly cooked and added essential vitamins, minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus. Because the nutritional quality of meat vary greatly, the correct kormёzhka own dogs cooked food requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge. According to the materials of the English Research Centre for Nutrition pets Waltham.