Horoscope for dogs

All living things on Earth obeys the Cosmic Rhythms. Like the 12 zodiacal nature of the people there are 12 types of Pets, Especially dogs. Knowledge of the nature of astrological Dog Owner need to Adjust the behavior of the Ward and to manage Them. Got a dog — remember the date of her birth, for in it you can not only determine the type of animal zodiac, but and numerological calculate potential dog laid down in the date of her birth.

Dog Aries (March 21 — April 20)
The key to the character: enthusiasm, fighting spirit, aggressiveness.
Dog Aries — brave creature from it can get a great guard dog. Sometimes it can be aggressive, up to cruelty, especially toward those with your friends that hide their malevolent intentions behind a frozen smile. If the dog Aries survive after a number of serious collisions, it will gain courage and wisdom. This sign gives the dog unfathomable integrity of nature, absolutely devoid of treachery. This is a very important trait in dogs, because some of them are pretty crafty creatures.
Dog Aries simple-minded, but it’s not intelligent. Aries — the first sign of the zodiac, the point of reference of life. Therefore, all animals born under this sign are distinguished noble ingenuous nature. However, it is possible that the dog Aries may open and with the other hand. If you suppress her impulses, not to care for her and did not attend, it can turn into a selfish, aggressive and stupid creature. Dogs of this sign can not tolerate restrictions on the freedom of action, they are full of energy, which is necessary output. They are indispensable for the owner, who leads an active lifestyle.
Dog Aries tends to be loyal, but that loyalty to the child. When dealing with it you do not skimp on the praise and recognition of its manifestations friendly, she will fight to the death for you. Dog Aries does not feel fear, if goes to battle for the right cause. The appearance of the dog-Aries in your house (or any dog ​​during the sign Aries) may mean the beginning of a new phase of your life; break old ties and the beginning of a new relationship. Providence has sent you this dog as a compensation of those qualities that you may need at the moment — namely, courage, self-confidence and inspiration. Dog Aries always reminds his master.
Health: dog-impulsive nature of Aries is often the cause of accidents. Probable head injury.
Compatibility with other signs:
Harmony: Leo, Sagittarius.
Friendship: Gemini, Aquarius.
Conflict: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.

Dog Taurus (April 21 — May 20)
The key to the character: practicality, obsession, hedonism.
Dogs Tauri experience strong sexual desire, hence their fertility. As an earth sign, they love to eat, especially meat, and enjoy the pleasant surroundings. Paying tribute to the earth sign, Taurus dog can be incredibly lazy. If it is also not raised and trained, it can be simply inert and naughty. Educate dog Tauri must patiently and intelligently, helping it evolve. Otherwise, it may become a victim of his cruel fate dog. Practicality, characteristic of dog-Taurus, can recommend it to continue thoroughbred breed.
If the dog-Taurus (or any other dog during the sign Taurus) appeared in your life — this may indicate a change in your financial situation. Buying dog Taurus usually a good investment, because Taurus — a house of wealth. Dog Taurus can be on your way at the moment to overcome financial difficulties. This dog is friendly with Fortune, she would bring you good luck.
Dog Taurus does not like pushy and demanding people. She appreciates life and stability and permanence guesses when her boss often changes his mind, if you promise to bring it to my dog ​​for a walk, then do not make her wait too long. Dog Taurus may decide that you forget about it or even cheated. In this case, you are not big trouble.
Health: Generally healthy, can live a long life. Chance of throat infections, obesity, pain in the ears.
Compatibility with other signs:
Harmony: Virgo, Capricorn.
Friendship: Cancer, Pisces.
Conflict: Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.

Dog Gemini (May 21 — June 21)
The key to the character: resourceful, diligent, active, crafty.
Gemini — an intelligent character. Those born under this sign are usually outgoing, curious, witty and smyshleny. Dog Gemini differs cleverness and cunning. She always finds the way to the food, even if that is securely hidden away in the fridge. Dog Gemini can be with you sweet and friendly, but a minute — she turns away from you and will respond to your affection growl. Please do not be mad at her — she can not help herself. If you love change and hate routine, then your dog twins with her ever-changing mood you would be best buddy. But emotionally, it can not be called sensitive.
A distinctive feature of the character dog Gemini — is the volatility and unpredictability. It absolutely can not stand the monotonous boredom; diversity — that’s her motto. Although not a special attachment to one habitat, but being overly curious, she wants to get anywhere and everywhere one and the same moment. However, mood changes may adversely affect the hunting dogs that need exercise and persistence.
Dog Gemini will be a good friend for the different types of people. These dogs love children, toys and love of adventure and a change of scene. No other dog will not get such a strong pleasure of riding in the backseat of the car owner. Dog Gemini endowed with prodigious talent. Usually, she is smart, smyshlena and responds quickly to changing situations.
Dog Gemini may appear in your house (or any other dog during the sign Gemini) when near you, or there are no close relatives; or you suffer from a lack of heat in the current environment. The emergence of the Twin dogs at a time to fill this emotional void. Many older people intuitively give birth to a dog-twins in this period of life, or when the effect of the sign of Gemini becomes dominant in their horoscopes.
Health: your dog is exposed to the Twin nervous diseases, fatigue, rheumatism and lung disorders.
Compatibility with other signs:
Harmony: Libra, Aquarius.
Friendship: Leo, Aries.
Conflict: Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces.

Dog Cancer (June 22 — July 22)
The key to the character: domosedlivost, suspiciousness, emotional support.
Dog Cancer is very devoted to her home and the whole family of the owner. If this dog is away from the family, it shows the anxiety and restlessness. Hearted Rottweiler — a typical dog-Cancer. Dogs born under the sign of Cancer, similar to its «big brother», are often one-woman man.
Dog Cancer special care of his family and close friends. If she is with someone befriended, it will be a friendship for life. Sometimes this concern appears as a kind of protection. No matter who the enemy is, but if he attacks and threatening another dog cancer, then it’s definitely not be good. Caring for others is peculiar dog-Raku as anyone else.
You should always be kind to his dog, Cancer. It is extremely sensitive to what you say or how. Anyone who has offended Dog Cancer, will not receive forgiveness for quite a while. Spoken words or committed by someone the act will emerge in the memory whenever the dog as this man.
The appearance of the dog-Cancer in your house (or any other dog in the period of the sign) may be relevant to your house or your family, as the constellation Cancer — a house a home. Dog Cancer always stand on protecting your home and your family. If you are lonely, dog-Cancer its appearance will bring hope for a new home and a new family. It is noteworthy that for people living alone, the acquisition of a dog-Cancer happily impact on their family life. It may also without words to remind you of your parents and you think back to the days of cloudless childhood spent in the father’s house.
Dog Cancer able to experience severe pain, if it breaks a family favorite host. It is very sensitive to the needs of the elderly and children. This dog intuitively feels when in need, and without delay comes to the rescue. Dog Cancer cool to intrusive and noisy guests disturb people about whom she cares.
Health: you will see that your dog is prone to cancer overweight. It can also suffer from disorders of the intestines and stomach.
Compatibility with other signs:
Harmony: Scorpio, Pisces.
Friendship: Virgo, Taurus.
Conflict: Capricorn, Aries, Libra.

Dog Leo (July 23 — August 23)
The key to the character: the power, generosity, charisma.
Dog Leo can cause envy and jealousy and strangers. These dogs love to enjoy the open expression of your friendship, They really need recognition. They give off their heat to people and hope for reciprocity. Dog Lion appreciate any display of affection from your side, especially gifts. And she will answer thee, and prizes and awards that are sure to receive at different exhibitions and competitions.
Even if the dog is not purebred Leo, she choosy and jealous. In fact, the Lions — quite jealous creatures. However, do not give it much importance. A couple of warm words about the dog Leo — and it immediately becomes a pussy. She rolled to the side, narrows his eyes and smiles a satisfied smile. Yes, everyone has long been known that dogs can smile.
Any dog ​​Leo knows she — superstar center of the universe and, of course, out of the competition, you should often led his dog-lions on exhibitions and shows. Lions — born winners and they sneaked through a lifetime this stunning blend of selfishness with generosity. Like their «big brother», they love social events. They are not so aggressively as a dog or a dog-Aries-Taurus. They love to flaunt and to draw attention to his person. Dog Leo is proud not only of its owner and his home, but his collar, hair and anything that gives it significant.
Despite the fact that this sign is especially recommended for breeding thoroughbred breed, dog-lion may fail when selecting a pair, especially if the dog has a pedigree. So the dogs are quite difficult to recognize the fact that there was someone as noble and high birth.
The appearance of the dog-Leo in your house can mean the absence of children in the family or contact with them. On an emotional level, it can wreak not finding response feelings. If the family has children, she will play with them and even take care of them. This sign is directly connected with the kids and games. Dog, born under the sign of Leo, has an innate sense of dignity that you should recognize. Regardless of its purpose, the dog-lion will always be a decoration of your home and family.
Health: As a rule, the dog-lion has enviable health, vitality and viability. Its weakest point — the heart. Possible cardiac irregularities.
Compatibility with other signs:
Harmony: Sagittarius, Aries.
Friendship: Libra, Gemini.
Conflict: Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus.

Dog Virgo (August 24 — September 23)
The key to the character: helpfulness, practicality, loyalty.
Dog, born under the sign of Virgo, like a mirror reflect your strengths and weaknesses, in fact, it could trigger a manifestation in your family such extremes of love and hate. On the one hand the dog Deva is the guardian angel of your family; on the other hand it may be the cause of success and turned away a disagreement. However, in both cases the dog Deva simply reflects the hidden aspects tvoёgo nature, hitherto not manifested in everyday life. She would miss them through a magnifying glass and increases to visible dimensions. We should be grateful dog Virgos, because they help us to reveal our problems and prevent their complications. As is well known: prevention — is the best medicine. If you have at home, peace and quiet, but the grace of God, the dog Deva strengthen the stability of the situation.
Dog Deva very diligently perform their duties. This is a very good sign for the guard, patrol and hounds. You can rely on throughout your dog-Virgin, She will protect you and your family. With a dog you do not need additional protection.
Due to the fact that the sign of Virgo is associated with the House health-dog Virgo reacts to your ailment. She may feel unhealthy organ in your body, go and lie down on the sore spot, taking thus the disease itself. Dogs have a magnetic bio-field and know that they can use it to treat people.
Dog Virgo may appear in your life (or any other dog in this period), when you are not okay with health or when you need a loyal assistant to perform different jobs. Dogs-Virgin first run to you for help.
Health: Dog Virgo can not boast of excellent health. Underbelly — the intestines, which requires special attention. Thanks to her nervous system, usually manage to avoid congestion, negatively affecting overall health.
Compatibility with other signs:
Harmony: Capricorn, Taurus.
Friendship: Scorpio, Cancer.
Conflict: Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini.

Dog Libra (September 24 — October 23)
The key to the character: cooperation, partnership, poise.
Dog Libra picky eaters and requires a balanced litany. Due to excessive curiosity it may fall in different traps. Make sure you do not shut it in the refrigerator or bathroom. They like bright and pleasant atmosphere in your home. They love to do a haircut in a trendy salon. Dog Libra — very good mediator in the resolution of conflicts arising between people. It relieves stress naturally and unobtrusively.
Dogs should walk the Libra daily. They just need to hang out with other dogs. Scales are under the influence of Venus — goddess of love. Therefore, you should keep the dogs locked up in Libra period coverings. Since Libra tend to communication, trust — Dog Libra can not only introduce you to other dogs, but with their owners.
Dogs Libra by nature calm and peaceful. They rarely show strong negative emotions, but if they are «derailed» something terrible in his anger. Fortunately, they are not easily offended. If a misunderstanding between you, do not take it seriously — it’s not for long.
The appearance of the dog-Libra in your house (or any other dog during the sign of Libra) may coincide with the point in your life when you need communication and understanding. Dog Libra to some extent compensates for the lack of human understanding. It could also be a sign of an upcoming wedding or establishing close friendships. Very soon you will be able to achieve harmony in the relationship with your dog, Libra — it is not as finicky as it is people.
Health: Vulnerability — points. Reflex connection with the head, especially with the eyes. Energy is often below the normal level.
Compatibility with other signs:
Harmony: Aquarius, Gemini.
Friendship: Sagittarius, Leo.
Conflict: Capricorn, Aries, Cancer.

Dog Scorpio (October 24 — November 22)
The key to the character: persistence, Renovators, mystery.
Dogs, Scorpions, almost the only among dogs who chooses their future owners, and not vice versa. She could easily insinuate to you in confidence and facilitate the adoption of a positive decision that you do not have time to look around, dog-Scorpio will already in your house. Dog Scorpio — in shaping their future. Once you have a dog appeared Scorpio — to be expected: either everything turns for the better or for the worse. It may appear in your life at a critical time and help fundamentally transform your personality. Her friendship will be strong and lasting.
Do not leave your dog alone in Scorpio for a long time, since it requires a momentary power output, and it can become unmanageable. As a consequence, any possible accidents.
Scorpio rules the planet Mars. That’s why dogs Scorpions usually fearless, energetic, have the potential of a compressed spring. They can smell a mile away approaching danger, submit your alarm and get on your defense without fear and without reproach.
The appearance of the dog-Scorpio (or any other dog in this period) in your home is never an accident, your meeting was predestined! Perhaps at the moment the situation is out of control. You can take the dog-Scorpion for a day or two, but be sure that she will stay with you for life, or until your problem is not resolved.
Dog Scorpio can be used for all kinds of protection. Aggressive instincts such dogs can suddenly bring it to a state of rage and anger. Moreover, it may harbor a grudge for a long time. At the same time a dog-Scorpio — very nice ranger; she can find things lost long ago, and bring them to you. Regardless of the mood never raised his voice at the dog-Scorpio and never forced her to perform trick number before the guests if it is against her will.
Health: Dog Scorpio has enviable health. Vulnerabilities: nose, throat, back, and legs.
Compatibility with Other signs:
Harmony: Pisces, Cancer.
Friendship: Capricorn, Virgo.
Conflict: Aquarius, Taurus, Leo.

Dog Sagittarius (November 23 — December 21)
The Key to the Character: freedom, Independence and adventure.
Sagittarius — A sign of Independence and freedom. Many dogs are Born Under the sign of the Fugitive Sagittarius. Lassie, the Famous Dog from the television series — A Typical Representative of this sign. Traveling across the Country, it is always Ready to Come to the Rescue of the people and to Restore justice. The animals need freedom as well as people. Dogs Sagittarius CAN BE Completely not homemade. From time to time it is Necessary to Provide full freedom so They CAN enjoy the surroundings. Do not worry — They Will RETURN to Their Homes.
Dog Sagittarius is very vulnerable and Often Takes the imaginary for Real. Be Patient with her. She loves cleanliness and order . Sagittarius — the sign of A happy Dog racing. They experience the good Pleasure of Company and love to Party. Dogs Sagittarius is always in motion. They are Regular Participants of All sorts of Exhibitions and Events. They are very Inventive. And if you and BE Able to Understand Them, the employees of the bureau latent more work, and you have — fame and Money. Do not BE Surprised if one day your Dog Sagittarius-Cameras to focus on Land Another planet.
Dogs Sagittarius love to Travel with Their owners. They make great hunting dogs or A great Companion for Any Travel, and excellent Treasure hunters. They love to Spend the Weekend with you, love to play and need Regular exercise. They Extraordinary revelers. Dogs Sagittarius loves to Explore the area and meet with Other Pets. They Long privyazhutsya to you, Provided That They CAN enjoy the freedom and Independence. OTHERWISE, the Dog-Sagittarius May Disappear forever from your Life.
The Emergence of the Dog-Sagittarius in your House (or Any Other Dog in this period) Indicates That it is time for you to Higher Achievements in the spiritual and in the material Sphere. Maybe you Will Travel «Three Seas», A time of Change and new Experiences.
Health: As A Rule, Sagittarius Dog is in good Health . Very Rarely gets sick and gets better Quickly. Vulnerabilities: Hip joints and lungs. Prone to Excessive weight.
Compatibility with Other signs:
Harmony: Aries, Leo.
Friendship: Aquarius, Libra.
Conflict: Pisces, Gemini, Virgo

Dog Capricorn (December 22 — January 20)
The Key to the Character, sense of Duty, Inspiration, Determination.
Capricorn — A House of Power and Achievement. In the Horoscope of A Dog — this is Probably the House of her Master. In Fact , A Dog’s Life, Capricorn is Heavily dependent on ITS host, and the Situation in His Home.
Dogs Capricorn accept Any set standards of Life and relationships, But May protest When you try to Suddenly Change the State Institutions of Affairs in the House. By Hook or by Crook, or They Will try to RETURN everything in ITS Usual Place, Sometimes saving THUS crumbling Family. HOWEVER, if you Decide to invite lonely Lady A Home of His Friend, A Man, then it is Necessary to beforehand Agree with His «kozerozhkoy», so she did not That Show goat Horns at the moment Most inopportune. Dog Capricorn CAN bark at the Intruder Breaks That her Regular Life, it must BE Absolutely sure That the gentleman with A Beer does not encroach on ITS Territory and rights .
Dog Capricorn May Deviate from the path Intended only to appease His Master That is A Beacon for her Life. As A guard or guard A Dog she did not have Money. Capricorn Dog Will selflessly, with A sense of Duty and Responsibility in Their work . If you Live in seclusion and enjoy Meditation, the Dog-Capricorn CAN Tune in to the way you think, and even to Contribute Detachment and calm. Dogs, Capricorns have A Highly developed intuition.
Dog Capricorn (or Any Other Dog DURING the sign capricorn) is likely to Appear in your House at the peak of your career. You CAN Get A Dog with A great pedigree as A gift or spare no Money to Spend on ITS purchase, in Any Case, your kozerozhka Will Attract the Attention of Others and to you and to by themselves, Thereby Compensating for All your Efforts. Even if she did not win first Place at the exhibition, Dog-Capricorn Invent Another way to make you proud of it.
Dog Capricorn ITS tidiness CAN Cause jealousy and envy. Make That sure you and your Dog Live in an Environment of good neighbors. Dog Capricorn Absolutely Committed to you and her Wants Devotion Assessed on Merit. If you are going to visit the House, the Dog-Capricorn immediately Find your Chief Among Them, and certainly Will Achieve That He Has Received as much Attention, Remember — this Will BE the perfect time to Ask for A Raise or Promotion.
Health: Healthy Normally But there is A Tendency to Skin Diseases. Calcium deficiency May Lead to Diseases of the teeth and bones . Avoid damp and cold weather.
Compatibility with Other signs:
Harmony: Taurus, Virgo.
Friendship: Pisces, Scorpio.
The Conflict; Aries, Cancer, Libra.

Dog Aquarius (January 21 — February 19)
The Key to the Character: Friendship, eccentricity and freedom.
Aquarius — A sign of Group Consciousness. That’s why it’s the Most Natural sign for dogs. Dog, Born Under the sign of Aquarius, Will BE Called Eccentric, clever and Often Ridiculous. eccentricity May Show partiality to unusual toys and unusual people. HOWEVER, All is despite the strangeness of her behavior, the Dog-Aquarius — smyshlёnoe and energetic Creature. She gets well Along with Other Pets and behaves very Friendly Towards Children.
Your Dog Aquarius CAN greet neighbors so loud bark, Which is found only you, But That does not mean That They are more expensive than her. Very selfless Dog Aquarius certainly Will Provide Invaluable Assistance in Rescue Activities and Expeditions. It is Also perfect for Any Collective work — Take it camping!
Do not expect your Dog Aquarius permanent Displays of affection. If you’re in trouble, then your Dog Will Understand and feel it without words. You May well have some fun with your Dog, and if you’re in trouble, it Will never Leave you in the lurch. HOWEVER, every day she is Unlikely to flaunt Their love and Devotion.
The Advent of the Aquarian Dog in your House (or Any Other Dog in the period of Aquarius) May BE A reflection of your Loneliness and desire to engage with or Any Friendly Friendly Relations. Quite inexplicably Aquarius Dog Will Give you pep and even BE Able to Restore the interrupted Friendship. This CAN BE Compensated cardiac deficiency heat surrounds you. Do not be discouraged!Dog Aquarius CAME to you, having good reason.
Dogs Aquarius sad if Deprived of the Company of Other Pets and people. These dogs are very trainable Resourceful and well. Sometimes They CAN Surprise you by Their behavior and performance of Tricks That Were you never Taught , dogs Aquarians very extravagant and Manners love to hit the Other dogs in the Neighborhood with Their appearance. This is the way They emphasize individuality and Their Uniqueness. Dogs Aquarius Differ Excessive curiosity and no FEAR even before modern Technology. Do not BE Surprised if one Dog day your Aquarius use the Remote control and try to Program your VCR.
Health: Dog Aquarius is in good Health, But CAN not Stand the heat. Especially it Needs Vitamins and fresh Air. Prone to sprains, varicose veins, Poor circulation and heart function.
Compatibility with Other signs:
Harmony: Gemini, Libra.
Friendship: Aries, Sagittarius.
Conflict: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio.

Dog Pisces (February 20 — March 20)
The Key to the Character: Sensitive, indecisive, sympathetic.
Dogs Born sex symbol of Pisces, are incredibly Sensitive. It WAS developed sensitivity Allows Them to Understand Accurately people. Dog-Fish CAN Suddenly Jump on your Guests or even try to bite HIM. Do not rush to punish your Dog. Sooner or later, this is the Guest Will Show His dislike for you. So, if you need A Detector of friends and Enemies — Keep A Dog-Fish.
the Fish Run Processes in the subconscious and therefore the Dog-Fish feel at ease in the plane of the subconscious. They are Easy to Find an Approach to the Mood and Character of A person, and the CAN Anticipate Upcoming Events. Your task is to Recognize the time you Submitted the signs and signals.
That is despite the Fact the Dog-Fish Easily Change the Mood, They Will Stand Still and reach the end, if it Comes to A Fight. But Most of All They feel happy and fit, if They Live in A quiet atmosphere. Their desire for harmony Expressed in the symbol of Pisces — Fish swimming in two directions Opposite, the one associated with this Rope. And while this Rope winds, until the relationship Between the Dog-Fish and ITS are Owner Harmonious Character, the Dog Will BE Able to Overcome Any Difficulties.
Dog-Fish — Currently Solace for people caught up in the Hospital for meditate, as well as in places of Voluntary or forced Conclusion. Their very presence Has A Healing effect on the downhearted .
Dog-Fish (or Any Other Dog DURING the sign of Pisces) is likely to Appear in your Life at this moment, When you’re lonely and depressed or fixated on past Mistakes; or When your Brain melts from the contradictions and regrets. your Dog-Fish Will help you put everything in ITS Place. If the Family Discord and strife, Will it serve as excellent mediator in the peace Talks.
Health: Health Fragile, prone to Various Diseases. Problems May Arise with the legs and abdomen. consumption of Drugs Should BE moderate. Recommended dry climate. Humid climate May have A negative impact. HOWEVER, the coast of the sea or Ocean, as well as A Place Surrounded by mountains Favorable for Habitation.
Compatibility with Other signs:
Harmony: Cancer, Scorpio.
Friendship: Taurus, Capricorn.
Conflict: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius.