How to choose a puppy Beauceron? Campbell’s test

Buying a puppy Beauceron should worry to match the high requirements of the breed. We must, as a minimum, be sufficiently knowledgeable about the parents purchased a puppy. It is advisable to do this in advance.
Breeder must confirm pedigree dogs in five generations, explaining what principles guided the selection of individuals for mating. Estimates of the parents must be at least not less than «good» character — clearly meet the requirements of the standard. It is important to know that the Beauceron can not knit at the age of two years earlier, as not yet mature, the best age to be an interval of three years and a half to seven years. Be sure that the bitch gives birth to no more than once in a year and a half.
If the bitch is not the first litter, you need to find out the fate of previous litters of puppies and their results.

It should be remembered that the Beauceron temperamental for life in the city, loves the freedom and space for active employment.

For puppies aged from 6 to 8 weeks (at the latest), you can apply the test of Campbell (Campbell). The test allows for behavior puppy fairly accurately predict the nature of the adult dog and to determine the suitability of various types of classes.
Testing was conducted in a strange quiet place where nothing will distract the puppy. Puppy can not cheer, to caress, to him it is impossible to talk.

The test consists of five items:
Social attraction
Put the puppy on the floor, move a few steps in the direction opposite to where you came from. Sit down and clap your hands, drawing the attention of the puppy. The following reactions puppy:
A puppy runs immediately jumping on the test, plays, licks and bites his hands, the tail is raised up;
B puppy runs immediately and starts to scratch testing paws, tail raised up;
C puppy runs freely, but the tail is omitted;
D puppy runs, but not immediately, but after some hesitation, he looks confused;
E puppy runs not quite.

The ability to follow a person
Stand next to a puppy, then start normal step away from it. The following reactions puppy:
A puppy is running for the testing immediately, fun, trying to grab the legs, the tail is raised up;
B puppy runs after the testing immediately, it should be near or underfoot, the tail is raised;
C puppy runs after the testing immediately, but timidly and a little behind, the tail is omitted;
D very timid puppy goes for the testing, confused, the tail is omitted;
E puppy does not go beyond the testing or care.

Reaction to coercion
The tester reverses carefully puppy belly up and hold it for about 30 seconds, holding the chest. Reaction to coercion shows the extent to which the puppy suffers physical and mental superiority, that is, his obedience. The following reactions puppy:
A directly and actively protested, struggling with his hand, flips and bites;
B immediately and actively protesting, slips out of his hands;
C initially protested, then calms down;
D does not protest at all, licking his hands;
E lies motionless, very scared.

Social superiority
Puppy standing or lying. The tester strokes along the back of the puppy. The test is designed to determine the ability of the puppy to accept or reject the social superiority of man. If the puppy is prone to self-supremacy domination, he will jump, biting, growling. If the puppy is independent, then try to move away, and if a coward — in a panic, tensing, will press upon the floor up to a scream and scoot. The following reactions puppy:
A puppy immediately evinces joy, jump, jumping on the test, beats his legs, licking his hands;
B jumps, beats testing paws, licking his hands;
C turns to test and licks his hands;
D lies in front of the testing on his back and licks his hands;
E runs back away and is no longer suitable.

Domination at taking the puppy on hands
The tester lifts the puppy on the floor for about 30 seconds, keeping both hands under the belly and chest. Lacking support, the puppy will feel the full power of the test. The following reactions puppy:
A puppy violently protested vigorously breaking free from the hands of the testing, bites and growls;
B puppy actively protesting, but does not bite;
C puppy starts to protest, then calms down and lick the hands to the testing;
D puppy does not protest, quietly hanging licks to the testing or hands;
E puppy scared, tense.

Test Results
Method of determining the nature of a puppy is to determine the results, where possible, ideally:
Beauceron. buy Beauceron puppy very dominant type
Beauceron. buy Beauceron puppy dominant type
Beauceron. buy Beauceron puppy obeys type
Beauceron. buy Beauceron puppy very subordinate type
Beauceron. buy Beauceron puppy almost nevospituemy type
For the stability of the results, repeat testing of the selected puppy in other circumstances and only then make a final conclusion. As a result, the following assessment:

2A and more with multiple B. This puppy will dominate and subjugate all. Needs very careful and responsible approach to the education of such a dog, and as a result will increase the perfect guard and devoted friend.
3B or more. This puppy will strive for excellence and leadership. With the proper education of such a dog would be faithful and obedient friend.
3C or more. This puppy will adapt perfectly to any environment, but it is unlikely to be able to guard.
2D and more, especially with one or more E. This dog will be exposed to circumstances and inclined to obey.
Lower results in the case of a combination of opposite qualities. Puppy will be extremely difficult to resist learning, have unpredictable. These dogs are not suitable for serious studies.

When choosing a puppy, be aware that this protective dog, besides good training, must possess strong character with the ability to make independent decisions. These qualities can not be taught, as character is determined by a genetically inherited traits such as lack of timidity and fear, confidence in all situations, the ability to steadfastly and courageously endure pain during the fight, to resist the psychological pressure of the enemy, etc. Determine the presence of such qualities in the puppy is possible using the following tests:
Beauceron. buy Beauceron puppy emergence of a stranger. Watch the reaction of the puppy during your appearance.
Beauceron. Drop down to buy a puppy before Beauceron puppy to squat, then rise sharply again and sit down.
Beauceron. buy Beauceron puppy several times loudly clap your hands over your head puppy.
Beauceron. buy Beauceron puppy Drop in the vicinity of the puppy keychain.
Beauceron. buy Beauceron puppy Wave newspaper over his head puppy.

Successfully tested are those puppies that have not shown signs of fear and nervousness, demonstrating postures of submission, the motion of the source of the threat, the hysterical barking and uncertainty, as well as apathy and stolidity. The puppy should not rejoice in the emergence of rapidly stranger. Normal reaction is tentatively research, with a hint of aggression.