Dog of All Trades (article in the newspaper Commersant)

Dog of All Trades
Olga Volkova of Beauceron
Journal Weekend № 40 (86) of 17.10.2008

Beauceron — the pride of the French Kennel. Though actually dog ​​breeding as a science livelihood Beauceron has almost no relationship. These dogs are a native breed themselves originated somewhere in the murky depths of time. About the fact of who they were born, have a couple of versions: one — the direct ancestor of Beauceron dog was petrified peat stone age, and on the other — just a wolf. Well there looked peat dog, known only to specialists, and that before the wolf — that it really is a bit like Beauceron, especially when running, walking, and he really kind of wolf. And the expression of the muzzle at it too little sullen and even threatening. However, in reality Beauceron wolf is not a brother, but on the contrary — the worst enemy. After Beauceron — a smooth-haired shepherd, that is a herding dog of French land Bos, centuries guarding livestock from wolves and other robbers. And incidentally Beauceron could go hunting for big game such as bears, wild boars and wolves of the same, as well as to protect the master’s house, and the owner personally. Strictly speaking, all the same Beauceron do now. However, the hunting of bears in modern Europe has lost relevance, but instead offered a Beauceron in the army and the police, the role of rescuer and bodyguard, and of the position just a family friend, a companion dog — this versatile dog is ready to do any work.

Beauceron — Dog powerful, muscular and quite large: 60-70 inches at the withers, about 50 pounds of weight, which, however, did not prevent these dogs to be easy, movable and stylish. Color options for this breed admits a bit, namely two: black and tan marble and harlequin (ie, the same black and tan, but interspersed with gray).

Whatever color Beauceron, his legs must necessarily be red socks: no wonder the second name of this breed — bas rouge, meaning «red stockings». And these dogs on their hind legs must necessarily be six fingers, and extra finger — is not some pathetic vestige, and quite serious armed claw thing, which is quite possible as a spur to use in battle.

Previously Beauceron was made to cut the ears, but in the current times of humanistic this fun banned in Europe, and now many formidable Beauceron decorated quite cute ears type Labrador. However, it is very much goes: funny dangling ears soften serious expression muzzles of these dogs. But those who do not exhibit suggests their dogs abroad, often still cut their ears, and the Beauceron with erect ears, looks even more alert than he actually is.

Although something which, while vigilance Beauceron and so above the roof, vigilance — they can say a middle name. After all, the owners — a stage at which need be watched, here Beauceron and does not allow himself to relax, because the duty for this dog above all. And to better watch over his flock, Beauceron had to develop a certain super powers, such as telepathy and clairvoyance. Owners of these dogs are absolutely sure of paranormal capabilities Beauceron, and proof talk about them all sorts of amazing stories.

For example, one lady was going somewhere on business, and Beauceron took and did not let her out of the house. And not in vain! After just a few minutes in the house burst into her husband died from an allergy to wasp sting, and if no one was home, he would have died, and his wife managed to save him. And one lady wanted to go to the balcony, and the Beauceron it again is not empty, and a balcony, of course, collapsed. And another lady went for a walk with his dog, and suddenly in the doorway of her totally aggressive Beauceron against the wall of a stranger uncle, and then it turned out that a thief who robbed one of the neighboring apartments. And almost all the owners Beauceron chorus tell the same story about how their dog suddenly adoring guests not allowed to enter the house of a man whom the owners sincerely believed his friend. Well, then it appears that it is not no friend but a real scoundrel and villain, who managed to crack only paranormal dog in red socks. In short, the Beauceron owners to no fortunetellers to seek: they simply obey instructions of your dog and they will be happy.

However, the presence of super-powers does not mean that the Beauceron is not necessary to bring up. However, the education of the Shepherds — it is not particularly difficult, as the Beauceron is very smart, all instantly grasp, but once you have learned will not be forgotten to the end of his days — they have an excellent memory. That’s enemies are also not forgotten. And if the young Beauceron once offended some angry dog, let him take years, but when meeting Beauceron her revenge. For offenders, this does not apply to people without a team Beauceron will not attack the person, for aggression towards people is not peculiar to this breed — however and be friends with those who have offended him, he would not have never been. I must say that the Beauceron is generally quite touchy they can not tolerate rudeness, do not tolerate ridicule (they are even able to distinguish when the laugh at them with love, and when — with a sneer), and in any case can not spank. The brutality and aggression in the education Beauceron unacceptable. However, it is always unacceptable, but in the case of the Beauceron is unacceptable even excessive prodding, these dignified dogs are willing to work only if the owners do not treat them as slaves, but as teammates. In fact, in order to punish the unbelted Beauceron, owner hardly enough to raise his voice — and this perfectly obedient dog accidentally admitted immediately correct its mistake.

However, occasional lapses in Beauceron are rare if it sometimes does not behave exactly as we would like people, it’s because of the inherent self-confidence and a mild tendency to make decisions. Such is the peculiarity of this breed, as the century of self care for herds Beauceron accustomed to the fact that from time to time it is necessary to assess the situation and act, no one asking. And now he is only on his own initiative tries to barge into a family quarrel, defending someone who seems to him more vulnerable. In other words, he is always ready to shield her body from the youngest child molestation older children, and always protect his wife from her husband’s swearing. However, all is not so simple, because the cunning Beauceron knows that something is feeding his wife is, and therefore in any case considers that she is always right.

In more serious situations, fearless Beauceron owners willing to defend without sparing their lives, and no superior enemy forces did not stop him. Thus Beauceron able to distinguish the real from the imaginary threat. So, it never will be the first to attack another dog if she does not mean to bite his favorite masters, because Beauceron — not a provocateur.

Beauceron mature late, up to two years while remaining cheerful young puppies, ready to make friends with children, cats, birds and hamsters. Suffice friendly disposition does not leave them in adult life — the years Beauceron not become darker, and the responsibility, strong character and smarter. However, if you have to go on about the Beauceron, he quickly masters sit on the neck. For example, it is not necessary to treat Beauceron something very delicious cake tasted in Kiev or pancakes, this stubborn dog can take and give up the normal dog food. And he will not be there and there, and two, with the hypnotic gaze accompanying each swallowed a piece of people — well, and whose heart endure such torture?

In short, the nature of the Beauceron may be some problem for those who do not so strong in spirit, as this dog. And other problems with it, as with the present universal soldier does not exist: it does not feel cold in the winter and does not suffer from the heat, his hair is not in need of care, his health is excellent, his life long (up to 15 years) and things in the house, he did not gnaws even in puppyhood.

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