Beatrix Countryfoek

Beauceron Beatrix Countryfoek

Champion of Russia
Champion of Lithuania
Champion of RKF
Champion of Eurasia 07


Beauceron Beatrix Countryfoek (Beatrice)

Breed: Beauceron
Dog name: BEATRIX COUNTRYFOEK (Beatrice)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: June 15, 2004
Color: black & tan
Father: STEAVE DIT URAL (Steve), Russia
Mother: TESS-BLUE DU CLOS DES Onyx (Tessa)
Breeder: Vladimir Deev (Vladimir Deev)
Owner: Vladimir Deev (Vladimir Deev)
Country: Russia, 127473
City: Moskva (aka Moscou, Moscow, Moskau, Moskwa)

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