An identification system. General information

System chipping Tracer offered by Bayer — easy to use, painless and safe method of animal identification. Tracer is fully consistent with the international standard ISO, is compatible with all types of microchips and scanners standard ISO, suitable for chipping of dogs, cats, farm animals, exotic animals, birds and fish.

The problem of identification of animals currently receives increasing importance.
• According to the EU directive on 04.10.2002, hobbies, traveling across the borders of the EU, should be electronically identified; tattoo should not continue to be used for identification of pets;
• Identification of dogs and cats is extremely important to avoid substitution of elite animals at fairs and during travel;
• A microchip animals allows simpler accounting sitemu in veterinary clinics, feline and canine structures;
• One database Bayer combines information about all chipped animals that facilitates the search for the owner in the event of loss of the animal.
Identification of the animals by means of tattoos receding into the past: they are distorted with time, and if necessary they can be faked, in addition, a tattoo is extremely painful for the animal procedure.
Bayer offers a new method of identification — a subcutaneous chip with a unique identification number, which remains with the animal throughout its life.
Tracer microchip system is contained in a sterile capsule of a biocompatible glass and is the carrier of the 15 digit code for each individual animal, persists throughout life. Implantation of the capsule with a microchip — easy, quick and painless procedure, which represents a subcutaneous injection. Disposable applicator for implantation comes with a microchip in a sterile package. Using biocompatible glass to avoid migration of the chip under the skin of the animal.
The cost of the microchip is 7.55 Euro.
To read information from the microchip scanners are used, the corresponding international standard ISO, which enables you to read various types of chips (not only production Data Mars). Funkutsiya reading different types of chips is applicable if necessary to determine the animal’s microchip number, purchased outside the CIS, where the system can be used identification of other manufacturers. Scanner has a memory for storing 1000 to 3000 codes. The maximum distance for reading the microchip — 20 cm. The cost of the scanner — from 265 Euro

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