Fundamentals of first aid dogs

Based on knowledge of anatomy and physiology, you will be able to provide the dog first aid, it will be easier to grow your puppy to train, monitor his health. While walking or doing surprises should not take you by surprise. Noticing the malaise in the dog or discover her injury, be able to render assistance to his friend.

First of all it is necessary to stop bleeding from wounds. Houses neatly vystrigite fur around the wound and wash it with a solution of 2% ammonia. Lubricate small wounds with iodine and apply the patch. If excessive bleeding of course, when damaged artery, apply a tourniquet above the wound. Until the moment of delivery to the doctor periodically dogs through 35-40 minutes, loosen the tourniquet previously pressed a finger artery. Otherwise possibly necrosis. Useful bandage soaked in cold water, or the application of ice and snow. From the cold vessels constrict, and bleeding is reduced. When bleeding from the tooth in place of damaged or broken tooth, place roll of wool gauze. Firmly squeeze the jaw, fix them with a bandage or leash.

Snakebite. Usually snakes attack defensively. Bites occur most often in the head, lower abdomen, extremities. Signal bite: unexpectedly sharp throw the dog away and piercingly loud vzvizgivanie. The bite swells quickly, blushing. Increase in breathing, heartbeat. Blushes eye mucosa, there is a strong thirst. 6-12 hours, general weakness, and with the help of inept — death. As soon as possible get the bite, squeeze out from the wound poison. If the bite in the leg, make a crosswise incision to remove the poison swelling with edema fluid and blood. Glowing flames on a metallic object (key carabiner leash) and prizhgite wound. Bringing the dog home, wash the wound with a solution of potassium permanganate, iodine. Give the dog plenty to drink strong tea and call your doctor.
If poisoning table salt (long feeding the dog in the field corned beef) noted an overabundance of sodium chloride in the body. General weakness, frothy discharge from the jaws, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, shortness of breath. Give plenty of water enter into the 2 tablespoons vegetable or castor oil. Within 2-3 days — starvation diet, then feeding liquid soups and cereals without salt until complete recovery. Subsequently — during only a few months of feeding with minimal salt.
Poisoning poisons from rodents occurs most often in suburban and rural dogs. Your negligence and oversight. First aid is to induce vomiting. Give the dog a saturated solution of sodium chloride. Rinse with enemas stomach with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Then give strong tea or milk. If this happened in the winter, put the dog on a warm rug in the room. Liquid fill dog for «cheek» pulling «pocket» in the corner of the lower lip of the mouth. If poisoning with pesticides that are sprayed plants and herbs insects treated the same.

They come from a blow with a stick, a stone falling from a height, and so on. Place grease injury iodine. During the day, periodically apply a cold bandage to prevent hematoma formation. From the work of the dog should be released.

Seen most often in the limbs and ribs. In closed fractures of limbs observed their unusual mobility in all directions at the fracture site, the offset ends of the bones in their probing, the inability to rely on his injured leg, swelling of tissue. At the turn of the ribs — the same but in addition labored breathing. Connect the ends of the broken bone to the touch. Bandage the fracture site and deliver the dog to vet. When there is a gap open fractures of soft tissue, skin, going out of one end of the bone or soft tissue outside. Treat the wound, put in place the entire length of the fracture bone bus (thick bar, plywood, shingles). Strengthen bus bandage (leash, scarf). Give the dog a complete rest until medical assistance.

As soon as possible vpravte joint. The owner keeps the dog; one who helps him, tight limb joint probes and helps take the correct position of the bones. In the time of entry of the head bones in the glenoid cavity audible click. After this, apply a bandage to the limb fixed, as in fractures. If you have any doubts (and suddenly fracture), contact your doctor immediately. From the work of the dog free for at least 10 days.

Get a dog home, in the heat. Rub the frostbitten area (ear, limb, nose), alcohol, vodka or eau de cologne. If possible, put a bandage with warming wool. NAPO dog warm and sweet tea. In no case do not rub the frostbitten plot snow or ice!

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