Health Beauceron. General provisions

Male animals should have two full testicles fully descended into the scrotum. Females are not exhibited at shows in estrus and in close to the estrus period.

Any deviation from the standard should be considered to the extent to which it affects the health and welfare of the dog. Any dog ​​clearly showing physical or behavioral abnormalities shall be disqualified. With expertise in the ring in resolving disputes preference for healthy slozhke dogs degree of proportionality and development of muscle mass.

If Beauceron gnaws his paws.
We eliminate allergy and immediately hit in wool or between the paw pads splinters, glass, branches, all kinds of garbage. A Beauceron is a very rare phenomenon. No, they cut the legs on the glass as well as all the other dogs, but because of the short hair litter there misses. Beauceron can gnaw their paws when they stress, they get too little exercise or it is related to changes in the conditions of life (moving, change of ownership). In these cases, help with dog sports, massage, walking and increase active learning items to direct the activities of the dog in a different direction. Other species may also be seen in this, but Beauceron particularly affected by the lack of vigorous activity and attention of the owner.

Grooming Beauceron.
Grooming is minimal, not counting the time of molting. Living in an apartment, Beauceron sheds year round, especially after bathing.

Aggression in Beauceron.
If you plan to take Beauceron as a pet, do not choose the bravest, active puppy in the litter. And prevent early childhood all attempts of domination and aggression, and anger. The dog should you and all your family members unquestioningly obey and respect. With 2 months of age do not be afraid to punish her for Beauceron pocus hands, not podpuskanie to your meal, etc .: cunning Beauceron always find an excuse to blame look or a sign of love and apology immediately attempt to lick you «to death.» Do not give in to these provocations, be persistent and integrity!

Manifestation of cowardice in Beauceron.
Generally Beauceron — mentally balanced dog and absolutely not among cowardly rocks. And I agree with the opinion that the appearance of such individuals leads not always controlled breeding. But too often the owners of the cowardly dogs are to blame for this lack of a pet. If you take your puppy early enough, you should proactively introduce him to this great, is not rare and frightening people of the world. You should immediately take his socialization: Doggystyle attend nursery, avoid encounters with large aggressive dogs, as much as possible to walk among the people, but do not let them touch the puppy. While the puppy is not vaccinated, home to teach him to cope with stressful situations, include very loud music, loud sudden drop things, distracting him play in those moments. If this is his first New Year’s Eve, do not sit at home, hiding his puppy shots from firecrackers, firecrackers and feyerverokov. On the contrary, go on the street, but do not come naturally to the very close of firecrackers, and in the distance to actively run and play with my dog. Very quickly your Beauceron cease to pay attention to the noise. But do not stop there, before reaching adulthood better not cease to distract him play, training and praise.

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