Otitis in dogs

Hearing dogs is one of the most developed senses.

The outer ear includes a dog ear and ear canal. The middle ear consists of the eardrum and ossicles.

The inner ear consists of the bony labyrinth of the cochlea and auditory nerve.

The vibrations of sound waves trapped outer ear, pass through the auditory canal to the eardrum. Fluctuations in the last transmitted on the ossicular chain, the malleus, incus and stapes in the inner ear fluid oscillations which are converted into nerve impulses that are carried out in the auditory center of the brain via the auditory nerve. On the external ear disease indicate discharge from the ear, the dog is constantly shaking his head, scratching his ear with his paw, experiencing pain when touched.

Diseases of middle ear accompanied by tilting the head to the affected side and deafness.

When the disease of the inner ear suffers center movement. The animal appears staggering gait, circling motion (walking in circles), the dog stumbles and gets up with difficulty. Can appear jerky eye tremor (nystagmus).

The causes of otitis, very different. Ear requires careful cleaning and care. Water must not fall into the ears while bathing. Before bathing, you can invest in the ears cotton buds, and after bathing not forget to take them out. The ears of dogs can not spray, irrigate, dab with ether, alcohol, or other irritating solvents. To do this, use mineral oil.

Always need to check the dog’s ears after the fight, after a walk (especially wood), because trapped in the ears of foreign objects, blood clots provide fertile ground for the development of a bacterial infection.

For some species (long-haired) is very important to release regular ear of hair that grow around the meatus. They prevent air circulation. After removing the hair from the external ear canal, it is necessary to introduce anti-antibiotic drugs to prevent complications.

Excessive care is also undesirable, since in order to maintain a healthy environment ear needs a certain amount of sulfur.

Otitis externa — the most common of all other inflammation associated with caring for a dog. Dogs with floppy ears pinna covers the auditory canal, and inflammation of the outer ear from them — a frequent phenomenon.

Otitis may occur as a distinct disease, and the presence otodektoza — tick lesions caused by mites Otodectes canis. Do not start treatment without first finding ticks, since it may be a complication of the use of specific drugs protivokleschevye. Mites can be detected only by taking scrapings from the external auditory canal and its microscopic examination.

The first step in the treatment of otitis externa is to identify its cause. If you just recently noticed anxiety dogs, separation of the auditory canal, you can begin treatment at home. Who appeared in selling drugs that combine the anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and softening sulfuric cork and relieves itching agent. These include ear drops firm PHILLIPS, DECT, Bars, Aurikan. Create a combined powders. Well proven powder «Baksotsid» veterinary drug «Tetra-Delta». Fine powder for use in the ears of the company, «8 in 1». Most veterinary ear drops remarkable by the fact that they contain abundant accumulation of sulfur-dissolving agent.

If the first symptoms of inflammation are not removed self-treatment, it is best to turn to veterinarians. Who was the real secret to examine the ear in the laboratory to identify the pathogen and choose the most effective treatment.

In veterinary practice often deal with advanced chronic otitis. Thus there is a strong erythema and thickening of the auditory meatus, there is discomfort and pain. Count on the final recovery in this case is almost not necessary.

After treatment, the dog must watch constantly. To remove the recurrence pinna cleaned before each use of the drug. In addition to the drops and powders have resorted to the use of antibiotic-novocaine blockade of the ear. Antibiotic selected by titration. To the mixture was added, as needed, anti-inflammatory drugs (hydrocortisone suspension, solution deksometazona, Dexon, prednisolone). Your doctor may also prescribe eardrops complex prescription, or can advise drops «otinum», «otipaks», «Sofradeks», used in medical practice.

Bacterial inflammation can cause secondary fungal and yeast otitis, which often occur with prolonged use of antibiotics external actions that violate the microflora of the ear. For those of inflammation characteristic rancid odor discharge from the meatus, they have no impurities pus.

In the standard treatment of otitis media are commonly used combinations of antimicrobial and antifungal drugs («Griseofulvin», «Nistotin», «Nitrofungin»). Preparations containing cortisone should be used with great caution in the lead of their harmful actions for prolonged use. When taking scrapings to identify the pathogen flora and determine its sensitivity to antibiotics, treatment is not carried out. At least for three days — otherwise the study will be negative.

It must be remembered treatment of otitis externa, ears should be cleaned before each use of medicines. And most importantly — a timely appeal to the doctor, who will select the most effective treatment for your dog and not allow the transfer of otitis externa in the inflammation of the middle and inner ear.

But the best remedy against otitis — is their prevention!
Natalia Beijing veterinarian

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