Shepherd of the Beauce Province

Kennel «Kantrifolk» registered in RKF 2004.

Shepherd of the Beauce Province
Solid character, above-average growth, impressive menacing look — these centuries cultured Beauceron — smooth-French shepherd. At home (in France), the breed is among the most popular, while in other countries, is virtually unknown. Valuable qualities in the Beauceron is more than enough, but this breed can be found occasionally, but in the border with France states, Russia is perhaps only at dog shows. In this article we would like to introduce you to this amazing rare breed.

This large, strong, muscular dog, distinguished elegance and grace, it is little known outside of France, despite the fact that the first documentary mention of it dates from the 1578 year.

A little history
Even the official history of the Beauceron has more than one hundred years. Fearing a national treasure — dog breeds in France — Norman Emmanuel Boulet in 1896 had the idea of ​​creating a French club Shepherd of the provinces Beauce and Brie. Dog handlers and breeders took the name «Shepherd of the Beauce» for dogs that have had growth of 60-70 cm at the withers, the length of the head, black nose. Teeth white, strong. Thorax broad, back straight. Strong muscles and bones. Of limbs parallel. In general, it is an impressive and powerful dog, simple yet elegant, with the famous double dewclaws on the hind legs. Until 1898 the breeders of these dogs were called «ba-Rouge» for the red-brown markings on the bottom of the limbs. In 1911 was created an independent structure — Beauceron Club. After the liberation of France from the German invaders breeding gradually restored to the 1950-1960 years and became normal. The breed has become truly national in France. The explosion of popularity came in the 80s of last century. As for the color that was selected first 5 colors, but later in the standard was left only two — black and tan marble and «Harlequin» (black and tan with splashes of gray). Currently, the French studbook logged roughly 3,500 puppies every year.

Exterior, care and behaviors.
In France, most of the males reach a height of 68-70 cm at the withers, females — 66-68 cm. Males weigh about 50 kg, females — 40 kg. There are fans of smaller size (64-65 cm) and the lighter dogs that retain strength of character and perform successfully in various rings, and even agility competitions.
As for the content Beauceron, it is simple enough. We can say that this is the soldier, not in need of some special care. It feels good in a city apartment, and outside the city in the aviary, even in winter. Shiny smooth coat with a thick undercoat enough has no unpleasant odor. Health problems and feeding also does not arise. Bitches Beauceron excellent mother, they bring 10 or more pups, which are then carefully feed and educate.
Now about the nature Beauceron. Beauceron a born companion, always ready to follow his master. Although he is distrustful towards strangers, we can say that balance — one of the most valuable qualities of the Beauceron. Beauceron is fully retained their working properties, unlike most known species. Perhaps due to its low popularity. He is versatile, very intelligent and sensitive. Beauceron is easily trained to perform a wide variety of tasks. In France, it has long been used as military and police dogs, rescue dogs, shepherds, hunters for bear and boar, for the protection of castles and estates and as personal bodyguards. Beauceron strongly reacts to the intrusion of any stranger, penetrated into its territory. With courage he attacks the victim and during the hunt. Thanks to his quick reflexes, determination and distrust of outsiders, Beauceron is an ideal working dog. During operation of the detention, he will manifest wickedness and cruelty, at the same time without loss of focus to the team. It is characterized by boundless dedication and commitment unquestioningly obey the will of the owner.
Beauceron distinguishes highly developed intellect, a strong memory and continuous vigilance. The ability to capture the mood and feel has not spoken word or command that you only want to apply, evokes a feeling of mind reading, paranormal Beauceron. Many owners of the notices in the Beauceron is a «sixth sense».
Nursery Kantrifolk Beauceron — Beauceron largest nursery in Russia
Beauceron — one dog owner. Despite this, he gets along well with all members of the family, becomes a companion and protector of all, the favorite of children and reliable protection for them. Other pets it also does not irritate

Possible problems.
Beauceron is sufficiently rigid character, opinionated and prone to self-sufficiency, dominance in any situation, that along with his high intelligence and fearlessness can create serious problems for the unprepared owner who Beauceron will impose its strategy. It should be borne in mind that education Beauceron requires maximum flexibility from the owner: unacceptable cruelty or aggression, you need a lot of love and attention, patience and constancy, — Beauceron matures slowly, after only two years of life can hold classes without threat peredressirovki. Beauceron sensitive, and never allow themselves to be treated familiarly, can not laugh at him. This dog is full of nobility and inner dignity, Beauceron not one of those who can goad. Do not try to make him a slave, and he will be a great companion to you in all your affairs.

Beauceron in Russia
Nursery Kantrifolk Beauceron — Beauceron largest nursery in Russia
First Dog Beauceron — female Brita — was brought to Russia from Poland in the late 90s of last century. Later, the dog from France and Austria. In my kennel «Kantrifolk» located near Moscow 17 dogs of this wonderful breed. After a long correspondence I was able to bring the puppies from leading nurseries France. There is a rare dog of this breed merle «Harlequin». Dogs kept in cages and thrive in nature. Since 2001, I have been breeding Beauceron, I never regretted it. We strongly recommend to pay attention to this breed. Hopefully, Beauceron, perfectly suitable for Russia, will have future here.

Vladimir Deev, the owner of the kennel Beauceron «Kantrifolk»

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