Hygiene of dog

In the wild dogs, like other animals, preening himself, scratching on trees and bushes. Morning dew washed out their skin, and a simple and healthy diet, rich in vitamins and proteins, ensure the normal exchange of dead coat on a new, thick and shiny. Molting dogs held in the spring and fall, according to the laws of nature was short but effective and plentiful. However, severing the dog on the nature and taking her custody, a person in his own came to keeping her hygiene. It is obvious that maintaining hygiene of the skin of a dog, like all living organisms, plays an important role in the performance of basic functions by protecting the body from the adverse effects of the environment. Therefore, maintaining hygiene in dogs is to ensure that the release of her skin against pests and parasites.
Dogs also need to periodically clean the ears, trim the claws and remove tartar.

Shoe coat.
At home, the purity of the coat and skin in dogs can be done daily combing and brushing. Brush for these purposes should be made of or pig bristles, horsehair, but in any case of a synthetic material because synthetic brushes in contact with wool on capable of causing allergy. The brush should not be too thick, but hard enough to penetrate deep into the dog’s coat and remove it from dust and dirt. Metal, horn or best wooden combs easily vychёsyvat lifeless undercoat and comb tangled wool.
Separate long-haired breeds of dogs that have thick and long coat, for example, collie, during molting can vychёsyvat dead wool soft cosmetic brushes and conventional, but care must be taken that they do not damage the skin of the dog.
Pruning and trimming. In the process of domestication of certain breeds of dogs have lost the ability to molt, this natural way of changing summer and winter coat. It poodles, schnauzers and terriers zhёstkosherstnye. These dogs are periodically sheared or trimming. Clipping a dog not only removes dead hair, but is attached to a certain standard form. Trimming is carried out by means of a special knife, after which the hair grows rapidly. If these operations are not conducted, the dog will start a skin disease appears dandruff.
Coats are cut in such breeds as Poodle, Bedlington Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, regularly, about once every 2-3 months. It increases uniformly and has a uniform throughout the length of the structure.
Do zhёstkosherstnyh breeds — schnauzers, terriers — wool at the time of trimming already beginning to die out and easy plucking, usually in spring and autumn. If a fur trim, it is not replaced by a new wiry, and continues to grow, more and more thinned becomes sparse and soft, losing not only the structure but also the characteristic of the breed coloring.

The most commonly used technique hygiene dogs — a wash. This is not surprising, since many dogs live in an apartment, often sharing his bed with the owner. Dogs often wash various scented shampoo and soap, and sometimes sprayed with deodorant. Unfortunately, frequent washing deprives the skin of normal dogs fat. It becomes dry, easy to crack, and the cracks get various microorganisms from which the skin is not washed protects coat. Sebaceous glands try to compensate the lost of grease.
Frequent washing, especially young dogs, leads to the fact that the fat gland hypertrophy and quickly begin to excrete large amounts of sebum, even when it’s completely unnecessary. Dysfunction occurs sebaceous glands dogs, leading to disease seborrhea. So, as a result of frequent washing is achieved quite the opposite result: instead of eliminating the smell of sebum in the dog begins its increased allocation.
There are special shampoos and soaps, intended for washing dogs. They are gentler, but nevertheless, the dog is still necessary to wash as little as possible, at least not more than one time in two months. In the context of the city each time after walking the dog necessarily need to wash feet, and abdomen, but preferably without soap. Wash water is nothing but good will bring. Dogs with long hair wash decorative usually more often than other breeds — a messy time of year it is sometimes necessary to do so, and 2 times a month. But in this case, be sure to use a conditioner for hair, otherwise the coat will become dull and brittle.

Means of dealing with skin parasites.
The chemical industry has found a way to produce a concentrate of flowers white daisy, he is persistent, and its effect due to chemical treatment repeated efforts. In our time, this is the main and most effective means to combat parasites skin and coat. Choosing a drug to protect dogs from fleas, you should strictly adhere to the instructions for its use; if the method of use is unknown, it is better to refrain from the use of this tool. It is not necessary to conduct experiments on his own dog!
To treatment against parasites dog was not in vain, it must be remembered that the development cycle of the flea eggs and larvae through to adult takes about three weeks. With the same periodicity and reprocessed to do. In addition, it is important to destroy the larvae of fleas on dogs and recreation areas to prevent their reproduction.
Fighting lice is similar to the fight against fleas. Ticks from the skin is removed by other means. It is best to remove ticks from dogs right hands. Sometimes, after that the skin remains head of the tick, and formed a small abscess, which ripens and bursts, and the remnants of the tick out. To prevent suppuration, this place should anoint tincture of iodine. Even better moisten wherever stuck tick, some liquid oil. It closes the respiratory system tick, and he will be forced myself to get out of the skin; this technique requires patience, but it is the most hygienic.
To protect the dog from ticks before leaving on a hunt for the city or its treatment agent against skin parasites. This is especially important for those areas where widespread piroplasmosis.
Caring for the ears

Maintaining hygiene ears
Ear hygiene is of particular importance especially for breeds with thick shaggy coat, which severely overgrown ears. The coat of these dogs ears periodically disassembled and shorten.
The ears should comb, as long wool stuck seeds of various plants, grasses. Especially dangerous for such dogs classic parasites that get into the ears and the ear canal, they may even damage the eardrum and penetrate the middle and inner ear.
Many dogs hair grows well inside the ear canal. Especially clearly expressed in the Poodle. So the dogs from time to time it is necessary to pull your fingers out of the ear canal of dead hair, and if you do not, then it very quickly matted soaked earwax and plugged ear, breaking ventilation and may start the inflammation of the ear.
Severe inflammation can also cause ear parasites. In the inflamed ear appear profuse discharge, which dry up and accumulate in the form of lumps. Secretions are dark brown, almost black color. Usually at this dog owner thinks that the ear just dirty and starts to clean it with a cotton swab moistened with cleaning fluid ears. However, the appearance of dark discharge is a sign of ear infections, in which the dog requires veterinary care. A healthy dog’s ears are always clean.

Care claws.
In dogs that live in the house and move very little, often unnecessarily claws grow, begin to crumble and break. To avoid this, they need to be trimmed periodically. In nature, long claws of a dog is governed by natural means — too long claws worn down when driving. When trimming the claws have to be careful — too short trimming nails can lead to inflammation of the roots of the claws. It is best to cut the special device that clamps claw on all sides. Ordinary scissors crumble claws, they crack along, and in the cracks get germs and dirt.

Administration of natural needs.
The dog, like all animals, the nature of having a den, never recovering there, where he lives, which makes it suitable for living next to a man. Already a puppy dog ​​begins to look for a place where you can recover. She does it always in the same place, instinctively trying to bury their feces to hide the traces of their presence. Consequently, the dog belongs to the so-called «clean» animals as opposed to, say, birds that recover spontaneously.
Maintaining hygiene in the space where the dog lives, presents no special difficulties. The apartment for a dog can put a box with sand or sawdust. But it is much better to output three times the dog on the street where she could choose the place for these purposes. It should not be walking the dog on the playground, manicured lawns or flower beds. To all the above, you can add that the people who lives next to the dog, must strictly observe personal hygiene, as well as the hygiene of the home. After playing with the dog, it is imperative to wash your hands, especially children. Precipitated wool, especially during molting, should be removed. Dog bedding should be washed and iron with a hot iron, and change every week.

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