Rendering first aid

Getting victim assistance or suddenly ill dog should assess the general condition of the animal, determine the cause of injury or illness and, if possible try to resolve it quickly. These reasons often are current, the sun’s rays, bleeding, acids and alkalis, respiratory failure and cardiac activity with loss of consciousness. Therefore, it is necessary to turn off electrical accident at the power source, with sunstroke darken the room or move the dog in the shade, at wound to stop the bleeding, with burns to neutralize the effect of acid or alkali, with loss of consciousness administer artificial respiration. Of course, the dog owner should be able to handle electricity, acids and alkalis, to rescuing a dog, I myself will not be affected. It is necessary to know also the methods of artificial respiration in animals.
Form for further assistance depends on whether there was a dog accident or she was ill. In wounds and burns must apply a bandage to try to stop the bleeding in fractures — splint. If the dog is sick, give it the appropriate medicine.

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