Change of deciduous teeth in dogs

Change of deciduous teeth in dogs occurs in the third month (12-14 weeks). At the same time the puppy can be raised temperature, and it can be sluggish. This period should refrain from long walks and avoid various stressful situations.
Be careful in the observance of diet, strictly adhere to the rules of giving mineral supplements. At this time, puppies can give large brain or bone Solid rubber toys for exemption from the milk teeth.
Games with taking away objects from the jaws must be excluded in order to avoid the formation of a large snack.
Initially there is a change of cutters. Milk tooth is replaced in the event that he is swinging, should pull out. Usually quite small effort to snatch a baby tooth. Removable tooth should pull to the side, but not up. You can not pull unmitigated baby teeth because the gums may remain fragments.
Sometimes milk teeth prevents proper germination permanent canines. Then milk (wobbly) teeth should be removed with forceps. Change canines occurs 4-5 months. Puppy easily tolerate surgery to remove milk teeth. When changing the teeth should regularly give large marrow bone, they help straighten teeth and perpetuate them in dental sinuses. Milk teeth are replaced completely by 10 months.

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