Breeding dogs

In total, the complex system of the dog’s body reproductive system plays an important role, since the function of reproduction.
Dog reaches sexual maturity at about 6-11 months (in females this period the first heat, small specimens ripen earlier than medium and large). By 15-16 months completed puberty male, and he is ready to give healthy offspring. The ability to reproduce a dog kept to the end of life, but purebred animals to allow mating to 8 years. For females the optimal time 1 st knit 1.5-2 years.

Early, as well as frequent (more than 1 time per year) mating females reduce the quality of the offspring, not the best way affect their health. Stud is recommended to bring a bitch dog. But first it is necessary to carry out de-worming, vaccinations and other activities.

There are special rules for mating, which must be guided by dog ​​owners. They take the responsibility to help in a difficult situation for the canine couple, directing and controlling the process of mating.

Once mated female will wait for the birth of cubs. Duration intrafamilial usually 58-65 days from the date of the last mating. However, possible deviations in the timing (from 53 to 70-72 days).
In dogs, sometimes after sexual cycle does not complete fertilization, can be observed false pregnancy — increased mammary cancer, uterine accumulation goes mucus secreted milk. In normal pregnancy, just before birth bitch swollen labia, falls belly swollen nipples, increased body temperature, and then it starts to hold his place; Here it needs help. Then wash with soap and abdomen, perineum and wipe off. Ready to change the litter with a clean cloth, iodine, scissors, thread.
Childbirth in dogs with multiple pregnancy continues from one to several hours, and sometimes days before. Birth puppy lasts 15-20 minutes. Sometimes puppies are born one after the other, and the mother does not have time to cut the umbilical cord, and then takes the dog owner must help her — cut the umbilical cord and smear with iodine. Exemption from the placenta immediately give the puppy lick mother, and then enclose the nipple. The owner must ensure that a female without giving puppies. They can transplant at the time in the box on a heating pad tёplenkuyu. Pups are born blind and helpless.
They receive their sight for 8-10 hours of birth. Leave a strong and viable pups, others with obvious defects are discarded. Fertilizing puppies begins with 10 days of life. Already from the 15th day of the puppies should be given low-fat raw ground beef.
Weaning the pups from the mother is usually carried out not earlier than the 30 days after birth, provided that they are healthy and have a normal body weight.

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